Towering Silence is a collaboration between Ingrid Schmoliner and Adam Pultz Melbye and was commissioned by Wien Modern. Premiered on November 1st, 2021 in Kasematten—an underground medieval munitions storage in the centre of Vienna—
the 12-channel work consists of two parts: a 40-minute sound installation and a 60-minute concert.
The performance is a duo for voice, FAAB (feedback-actuated augmented bass), and electronics, while the installation is composed by processing and spatialising piano, voice, and double bass samples as well as recordings of water.
Towering Silence is a slowly evolving work focusing on the morphology of sound. By digitally and spatially mediating the most ancient form of human expression—the voice—in addition to the augmentation of the double bass, naked acoustic sound and otherworldly timbres merge in a meditation on the stillness of motion.

The software used for processing voice, samples and double bass was custom-designed for Towering Silence by Adam Pultz Melbye. It comprises adaptive algorithms that monitor the sonic behaviour of their input as well as their own immanent state, to produce behaviour working semi-autonomously from the two performers. As such, the timbral quality of the work emerges in an ecology in which the human performers do not possess absolute control of the musical outcome.


Ingrid Schmoliner: voice and electronics
Adam Pultz Melbye: FAAB (feedback-actuated augmented bass), electronics and audio programming
Composed by Ingrid Schmoliner and Adam Pultz Melbye
Commissioned by Wien Modern, 2021
Alexander Yannilos: live sound technician
Kira David: project coordinator
Markus Wallner: assistant sound technician
Gerd Schneider: light
Kevin Rieseneder: film documentation

Andrew Choate: additional text and voice

Thank you to Bernhard Günther and the team at Wien Modern