“Measures is the second solo album from Berlin-based Danish double bassist Adam Pultz Melbye, following up on 2014’s Gullet.
On measures, Melbye investigates slowly evolving unstable structures, using simple compositional ideas to create complex resonant textures.

The album is released on a waste product of Melbye’s musical practice; broken double bass strings. In collaboration with Polish visual artist Lena Czerniawska, each string is vacuum sealed along with handwritten text by Czerniawska, resulting in a possible infinite number of individual objects, visually as well as sonically reflecting upon the impermanence of the physical world.

Schreber for double bass and gesture-controlled electronics (2016)

“Melbye, gifted with masterful and highly creative command of the double bass, uncovers the insides of this massive instrument in a series of nine concise improvisations.” (…) “That” is a wise and playful improvisation that employs the resonating wooden characteristics of the bass and on “Zossener” it sounds as if the bow is the main instrument and the double bass is employing various extended techniques on the bow. “Knee Left” returns to the opening improvisation, applying similar methods and reaching a satisfying closure in this arresting journey.

Highly impressive.”

Eyal Hareuveni,

“The music is carefully constructed, sensitive and precise, with an adventurous search for sound, be it pizzi or arco or hammered.” (…) “Even if at moments the album sounds like an exercise in style, the authenticity of the artist’s search stands beyond a doubt, as he tries to carve true meaning and sentiment out of sound, (…)”