Every Vessel records and dramatizes the process of its manufacture

Every Vessel is a multimedia project by the trio Flamingo, involving music and gesture, manifested in 3D-printed sculpture. The process encompasses the rendering of audible and visual material in both time and physical space to create an immersive experience that challenges established notions about the work of art as well as its process of manufacture.

everyvessel_1Every Vessel originates in Flamingo asking the question: How can we, as artists, create a release medium that aesthetically reflects our music, while being an art work in itself?

Part of the answer lies in technology. Advances in computer processing power and consumer hardware allows us to precisely record and analyze, not only music and the gestures that make music possible, but also the behavior of the audience listening to that music.

Sending the resulting data to a 3D printer, allows us to create a sculptural representation of a concert; the music as well as the gesture informing it and the movement informed by it.

The result is a frozen piece of music, a spatial reflection of the most temporal and fleeting of art forms.

Every Vessel will be premiered in May 2017 in Kunsthal Nord in Ålborg Denmark. Here, Flamingo will play three live concerts a day for a month. A computer records the music and a custom-designed algorithm analyzes the audio, using machine-learning technology to recognize patterns and structures in the performance. Each of the three musicians is equipped with two MYO armbands – advanced gesture sensors that track not only movement, but also muscle tension. Furthermore, infrared cameras placed in the ceiling detect the movement of the audience.

The following video shows a short performance coupled with screen captures of the interface that records the gesture data.

The resulting sculptures thus capture the music as well as the gestures that are prerequisites for there being sound at all, as well as the bodily reaction of the audience.

This translation from music and environment into sculpture is a unique approach to the creation of an autonomous art work, different from, yet dependent from its source.

Every Vessel is funded by The Danish Arts Council, DJBFA – Komponister og Sangskrivere, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Århus Kommune and Dansk Komponist Forening.