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Listening to the music of Danish/Norwegian Angel, one is challenged with the task of defining the music within any given style. Combining the uncompromising and investigative approach of free improvisation with the energy, physicality and sheer loudness of metal in a more or less acoustic context, Angel is uncovering new territory in improvised music. From subtle pointillism and sonic manipulations to head-on massacre, Angel plays exciting music with a strong sense of purpose, pushing the limit of each instrument. The result is an honest and pure music that will question any preconceptions about art in general and music in particular.

Based in Copenhagen and Berlin, Angel consists of members of the collectives and record labels ILK and Barefoot Records and has performed at festivals in Denmark, Rumania and Portugal as well as toured Scandinavia, Germany and Spain.

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Stephan Sieben (DK) – guitar
Adam Pultz Melbye (DK) – bass
Håkon Berre (NO) – drums

Quotes from the press:

“Angel’s record is an important release that helps to underline the strong position of Danish improv and free jazz right now”.
Niels Overgård,

“…a small tornado of noise that flows like lava from the earth…”
– Michael Freerix, Jazz Dimensions

“I do not know how you call this. Trash jazz? Noise Jazz?
Punk Jazz? Metal jazz?”
-Stef Gijssels –

“…45 minutes of high quality rock improv… “
-Svein Magnus Furu, JazzNytt (Norway)