Diffractions now on Bandcamp.

Electroacoustic piece commisioned by Bogong Centre for Sound Culture for the exhibition Notes from the Field, at Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), Australia.

Thanks to Madelynne Cornish and Philip Samartzis at Bogong Centre for Sound Culture.

June 14th-19th: Workshop, paper and performance at NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) in Shanghai (virtual attendance):

Workshop: NIME Eco Wiki — a crash course.
Paper: NIME and the Environment: Toward a more sustainable NIME practice.
Performance: Networked performance by 3BP.

June, 2021: Hosting two podcast episodes for QUB Voices, speaking to Jaeim Park, Maggie Murphy and Calum McGeown about climate change, sustainability, eco-feminism and post-growth.

Maggie Murphy and Calum McGeown:
Jaeim Park:

June 4th, 2021: Feedback Musicianship Network inauguration event. Performance with the FAAB and Q&A:

April 22nd, 2021: Talk at Exploratorium Berlin: Key Concepts #5: Materiality / Resonance — The FAAB

February 27th, 2021: New audio work Diffraction as part of the exhibiton Notes from the Field at Murray Art Museum, Albury, Australia, curated by Bogong Centre for Sound Culture.

Murray Art Museum

Upcoming live-streamed concerts with 3BP:
28.02.2021: NI Science Festival, Belfast
19.03.2021: New York City Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit

GRIFF debut album out on Inexhaustible Editions.

Release “tour”:
27.04.2021: Echo Raum, Vienna – canceled
29.04.2021: km28, Berlin – canceled

Full performance by 3BP (Three-Body Problem) with John Bowers and Paul Stapleton, live-streamed on Dec 10th, 2020 for Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast. Video by John Bowers.

We’re running out of sand. Online performance for the ISSTA festival, Ireland, August 14th, 2020

attics for all, floors for none. Online performance for the IF festival, Guelph, August 8th, 2020.

August 25th, 2020: The FAAB (Feedback-Actuated Augmented Bass) wins Best Music Performance at NIME 2020. See the performance here

August 23rd, 2020: New paper: Sculpting the behaviour of the Feedback-Actuated Augmented Bass: Design strategies for subtle manipulations of string feedback using simple adaptive algorithms. Presented at NIME 2020 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression). Read here

New solo album on BCS-C, recorded in December 2018